Trial Access on HSTalks Online Lectures

Dear All,

Central Library has provided free trial access to The Biomedical & Life Sciences. The collection provides immediate access to over 2,000 online seminar style talks presented by many of the world’s leading experts including a number of Nobel Laureates.

The Business & Management Collection. The collection provides immediate access to over 900 online lectures and case studies present by experts from academia and industry. 

Free trial access – CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF GUJARAT from now until the end of March 2016.

All faculty and students will enjoy the talks and be interested in continued access beyond the end of the trial.

The collection is now being used by top universities in over 50 countries including many of the top American institutions, the vast majority of the Russell Group and 9 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies. More and more we are hearing examples of how researchers are using the talks to give themselves quick and easy access to talks by leading world experts and embedding the talks into their teaching programs. It has also been an enormously valuable part of blended learning.



Assistant Librarian

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