“National seminar on “ADVANCES IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY” 25-26 February,2014”

“National seminar on “ADVANCES IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY” 25-26 February,2014″
School of Environment & Sustainable Development, CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF GUJARAT, Gandhinagar

Scientist, Researchers, Students, Industrialist and people having interest in their environment and related problems are invited to attend 2day seminar on ADVANCES IN
Gujrat, Gandhinagar. The seminar aims to highlight the advances in Environmental
Science and Technology.

The seminar will focus on the following topics:
 Advances in Environmental Sciences
 Environmental pollution-status
 Advances in Waste Water treatment
 Air Pollution – Control and Prevention
 Soil Contaminants and its Treatment
 Phytoremediation/Bioremediation
 Advances in treatment technology
 Synthesis and Characteristics of Nanomaterials
 Nanotechnology based remediation methods
 Environmental Management
It will be a great opportunity for young researchers and students to interact with the leading
scientist in the field and a platform to present their research and discuss.

Important dates:
Last date for abstract submission-15th Feb., 2014
Intimation of acceptance – 18 th Feb., 2014
Submission of full length paper- 20th Feb., 2014
Seminar dates – 25-26th Feb., 2014

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